One-Year Workmanship Labor Warranty, Two-Year Structural Warranty

Wood products (to include decks, railings, pergolas, arbors, columns, garages, etc.)

Products constructed with wood need to be stained to protect the life and beauty of this natural product. The term “Pressure-Treated” means that the lumber was infused with chemicals to help the wood resist wood rot and insect damage. Wood is a natural product, and there will be movement in it as it dries out. The warranty covers the complete structure from the ground up. The only exception is that we do not warranty any treated lumber movement. Some instances are but are not limited to warping, twisting, cupping, curling, bowing, crowning, sagging, shrinking, or splitting. All treated lumber is prone to distort to a degree from its original shape, as is the natural nature of wood. Movement occurs as the wood dries out and loses moisture content. It is hereby recommended that all pressure-treated wood be sealed by the purchaser with an exterior sealant designed for pressure-treated wood. We cannot warranty wood products that have not been stained within three months from the installation date. Typically, wait around a month or so before applying stain to allow the moisture content of the wood to get lower in the wood (reference manufacturer’s stain guidelines for new wood stain application). *Once you have stained your project, please email us a picture(s) of the stained project for filing purposes at our office location…

Composite Decking

One Year Workmanship Warranty from Cardinal Buildings and a 25-year limited stain and fade warranty from the manufacturer. Please send the information to the manufacturer to register your new deck and email us a photo as well for file record.

What is Covered by Our One-year Workmanship Warranty?

Our Composite Decking is backed by a 25-Year Manufacturer’s warranty! The products we choose to use on all of our decks have all stood up through the test of time and have excellent warranties if you should ever have a problem. Upon completion of the deck, a copy of their warranty, care and cleaning instructions, and recommendations are given. All are also available for your review on the individual material manufacturer websites linked from our website.

What is NOT Covered by Our One-Year Workmanship Warranty?

Naturally, the warranty does NOT cover Normal wear and tear on the deck or wood project, unfortunate natural occurrences such as storm damage, accidents, cracking and splitting of wood, wood discoloration, and wood rot, as are natural occurrences, etc. The warranty Does NOT cover negligent maintenance or additions/alterations made to the original deck without proper consultation. Proper maintenance of your new project must be strictly followed! This warranty is only valid for the original owner and is non-transferable…the customer must maintain the original contract.

Acts of God

This warranty does not cover your project in the event of any sinking, shifting, or leaning due to accident, misuse of weight capacity, abuse, fire, flood, “Acts of God,” or other contingencies beyond the control of Cardinal Buildings. This warranty also doesn’t cover shifting due to frost when foundation posts are placed on an existing concrete pad that isn’t a foundation wall.

The exact wording and specifics of this warranty are subject to change or adjustment at our discretion.